Best Surf Beaches In India Best Surf Beaches In India

Best Surf Beaches In India

Best Surf Beaches In India

To all the wanderers and adventure lovers. Feel like you’re running out of places to thrill you in your own country? Fear not! You’d be surprised with all the adventures your homeland has to offer. So save up, gear up and dive in! Speaking of diving, one of the most thrilling sports is surfing. And it would drive you crazy to discover all the Surf Beaches available to you right around the corner! There are 6 most underrated beaches in India that can take your breath away. Literally!

Kovalam Surf Beaches

Kerala is one of the most divine places to be in India. And it definitely doesn’t come short in offering adventures. Known for its cleanest beaches, one of the most surf-friendly beaches in the Kovalam beach. Divided into three, it has Lighthouse beach in the south, Samudra Beach in the North and Hawa at its center.

It offers the best training in surfing for beginners. Therefore, being the friendliest beach for armatures to level up their skills! Between October to February is the perfect time for you to sway your way into the waves!

Best Surf Beaches In India
Best Surf Beaches In India


Looking for having a spiritual experience with your surfing? Varkala Beach is one of the calmest and clean beaches in India. Almost as beautiful as being right out of a painting. This beach is adorned with rocky cliffs; give it the variance in texture. The waves are calmer and therefore, beat for beginners.

The Varkala beach has a yoga retreat center called Souls and Surf. Giving a wild mixture of emotions. Of thrill and tranquility. Giving you the most cleansing experience ever!

Gokarna Surf Beaches

This is the hub for water sports. With a beautiful cocktail of Blue waters and luscious green meadows. This western part of the state of Karnataka offers one of the best surfing schools. Like Cocopeli near the Kudle beach. Yet another tourist attraction being the Om beach that is a water sports hub for people all around the world.


This place no doubt provides the best and greatest variety of beaches. From rocky textures to white sand beaches, the numerous beaches here are crowded with water sports facilities. With the natural beauty, hippie vibe and the mixture of people and culture. Goa poses as the most dynamic experience of your life!

Best Surf Beaches In India
Best Surf Beaches In India


The mystique and unexplored islands of Andaman provide the most serene experiences. It is the embodiment of spiritual adventure. For the raw and unspoiled waters of the ocean would tempt any adventure junkie! Surfing isn’t the only thing that you can do around here. Snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing are one of the numerous water sports. That awaits to thrill you and your carefree heart!


Among others are the beaches in Mahabalipuram in Chennai. These beaches provide professional surf training for the wild waters of the Arabian Sea.

Dive into these mind-boggling underrated adventures and give your soul the taste of thrill it longs for!

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