Hawaii Surfing: An Experience! Hawaii Surfing: An Experience!

Hawaii Surfing: An Experience!

Hawaii Surfing: An Experience!

Surfing has been one of the most thrilling sports since time immemorial! Be that Instagram influencers or Hollywood stars like Chris Hemsworth (Thor) everyone is into this, and we can’t really blame them. Just think about it, you on a plank balancing your body and moving in harmony with the majestic waves! The epitome of all being Hawaii Surfing!

Not only the thrill surfing has various other benefits like, but it also makes you mentally strong, aids in weight loss, adds to overall muscle strength and many more, honestly there aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t surf!

And while we are at it, how could we miss one place, which is like the Elvis of surfing destinations! You guessed it right, Hawaii!!

Here are some of the beaches you must go if you are Hawaii surfing!

North Shore, Hawaii Surfing

Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and Banzai Pipeline are the most important beaches here, every winter they conduct prestigious competitions here, like the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. But before you get all hyped up and prepare to glaze through the waters, we must warn you that the water here during this time is pretty dangerous, it’s more suitable for the Pros. On the brighter side summers might be a more approachable season for beginners as the water is much calmer, hence making it one of the important beaches for Hawaii surfing.

Hawaii Surfing: An Experience!
Hawaii Surfing: An Experience!

Peahi, Maui

Another famous surfing beach in Hawaii is Peahi, it is located in the Maui region and is easily accessible from the Oahu region. The beach is often called Jaws (There are no sharks! Chill!!) as the waves are pretty wild here. Peahi is then again a surfing spot for Pros, but south and west Maui lies Kihei Beach which is ideal for beginners and makes the surfing experience quite enjoyable.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii Surfing

During the late 20th century Duke Kahanamoku turned this beach into the heart of Oahu, by teaching visitors how to surf. Since then this beach has been a prominent one and never fails to lives up to its reputation, this beach is considered to be ideal for beginner surfers as they can try their hand at the sport of Hawaii surfing without risking their lives. And after learning the sport you can cherish the experience by posing with a statue of Kahanamoku himself!

Hawaii Surfing: An Experience!

Hookipa Beach Park, Maui

Hookipa Beach in Maui is considered to be the mecca of Hawaii surfing during the winter season. Everything aside, it is a beautiful beach to look at, white sand on the island’s northern coast is sure to take your breath away. It is known for holding many prestigious competitions like the Aloha Classic. As beautiful it is, the waves here at Hookipa is said to be very ferocious. Hence it’s better suited for the Pros. But there are some beautiful spots where you can spectate the surfers!

These are some the most famous beaches in Hawaii, that is sure to mesmerize you not just for Hawaii surfing, but the entire experience of watching these athletes glazing through the wilderness of the waves is priceless!

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