Hawaii Surfing Beaches You Should Experience In Life

Hawaii Surfing Beaches

Hawaii is a well-known place for surfing beaches; once it was in the Aloha state in ancient times, the royals and nobles practiced the sport, made the Olympic gold medallist swimmer and is a Hawaii native. The six Hawaii islands are open to tourists. Oahu is one of the most closely associated with world-class surfing. The US has eight islands of Hawaii famous for surfing beaches are Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kahoolawe, lanai, Molokai, Kauai, and Niihau

Best Surf Sport In Hawaii

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Oahu- Oahu is famous for its north shore beaches. It is the best place for surfing, gorgeous views, and flipping waves.

Ehukai Beach Park- Famous for the banzai pipeline, this beach is the most dangerous for those who are not aware of the north shore surfing. The pipeline’s arrangement is to the left; you can experience several shifting peaks from west to the wind well wrap from the east. This surfing beach is not for beginners. This beach will give you the most challenging waves to surf if you are an experienced or pro surfer.

Backyard Beach- This beach is between sunset beach and Velzyland. This surfing beach has the brutal peak waves, are fast and advanced with a steep wall with shallow reef below, which can get 50 feet high. It often has fewer crowds than on other beaches. It would help if you were a pro surfer or solid experienced in surfing to get in the backyard.

Sunset Beach- It is known as home to tons of competitive surfers; the best attraction at this beach is, the sunset is super close to the north shore, which is a wow for all the visitors at this beach. This surfing beach is considered to be the deadliest one because the waves turn very fast hollow and wall up faster from deep water. Famous for its hollow swells from the inside bowl. Best for strong paddlers.

Surfing Beaches To Explore

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Maui- It is famous for the excellent surfing beaches with enjoyment

Honolua Bay- This is the most popular beach for the sport, which is usually crowded with visitors and locals. Honolua is called the magical waves of the world. Look out for a sharp reef for the best experience. This is one of the surfing beaches that are best for the advanced surfer who challenges strong current and shallow reef lines.

The Cove at the Kalama Beach Park- This has well-protected predictable, considerable swells, which is a perfect suit for new surfers or the beginners. It has low tide waves that are easy to manage as the waves are small and shallow.

Jaws, Maui- It is known as the bad surf sport in Hawaii, the waves reach 120 feet, and the reef break is not accessible by the surfer. It adapts the stormy tides, which are unpredictable.

Best Beginner Surf Sport

Thousand peaks, Maui South-West

Pops, Oahu South shore

Break wall, Maui West

Chun’s reef, Oahu North shore

The Cove, Kihei, Maui South

Lemon Drops, Poipu, Kauai South shore

Castles, Oahu Windward


Surfing beaches in Hawaii are overwhelming to your soul, if you are a beginner or a pro in surfing, Hawaii islands are the right place to challenge the waves with your surfboard paddles, suggestible summer surfing is the best as the waves are a way more calmers than in winter.

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