How Dangerous Are The Dangers Of Surfing?

Surfing has been one of the most popular activities enjoyed by many. It is a thrilling and adventurous experience and yet dangerous. Some believe that it is a good way to get fit while others say that it can become dangerous due to a lack of caution.

No matter which way you look at it, there are dangers of surfing that have to be known before you venture out for surfing. Here are some of the many dangers of surfing:

How Dangerous Are The Dangers Of Surfing?

Physical Health

The first danger is your physical health. Because of your high resistance to physical injury, you should never make the mistake of surfing for long hours in a day. You can have several injuries if you choose to surf more than 2 hours of the day.

Surfing can also lead to various kinds of infections. This is due to the wet conditions that are commonly found in surfing beaches. It is advisable that you swim in a water body during the day time as your skin will remain hydrated when you are in a body of water. During the night, it is important that you cover yourself with a wetsuit.

If you choose to surf alone, you can be in for more problems especially if you don’t take frequent exposure to the sun. It is because there is a greater chance of you getting burnt. This can be prevented by wearing sunscreen.

Do Not Surf If You Have Heart Condition

You should not get involved in surfing if you have a heart condition. You should also be aware of the effects of certain drugs on your heart and how they may affect your body’s functioning.

Surfing is not recommended for those who have heart conditions. It should also be taken into consideration that if you do not eat a balanced diet and you drink alcohol regularly, this can worsen your condition. Heart failure is a possibility. So it is important that you watch your weight, take your medication, and maintain a healthy diet.

Because of the harmful toxins that you will be exposed to, you are more likely to be affected by all sorts of diseases including cancer. Again, this is one reason why it is advisable that you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from these harmful toxins.

If you choose to surf, you are bound to get burned by the sun. Apart from just being hurt by the sun, your skin may also become dry and flaky due to overexposure to the sun. It is advisable that you always wear sunscreen even when you are in the water.

Do Not Consume Alcohol Before Surfing

A large amount of chlorine is present in the water when you are surfing. You should not consume alcohol during your surfing session. The same is true for any other liquids that you consume.

How Dangerous Are The Dangers Of Surfing?

There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from becoming disfigured by the sun. Firstly, it is best to choose your destination wisely. Surfers are known to be very aggressive and there are a lot of dangerous conditions.

The greatest dangers of surfing are obviously the things that can happen when you are on the water. If you wish to enjoy your session, be sure to take adequate precautionary measures. Do not let your surfing experience turn into a tragedy.

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