Perfect Surf Trip: Essential Tips about Surfing

Perfect Surf Trip

With all of that in mind, here are seven essential surf trip essentials that deserve a spot on every surfer surfboarding. It doesn’t even matter if you are visiting an exotic surfing camp in Bali or getting away at a tranquil Costa Rican white sand point break, you still need to be prepared for the trip ahead. The following is your basic gear kit for your next adventure on the water. It’s not necessarily comprehensive, but it should help get you out there, even if you find yourself stuck somewhere because you forgot your board or anything else important.

First Surf Trip

The first surf trip basics you will need to bring with you to a point break or surfing vacation are sandals. In addition to protecting you from the sun and the sand, you will also need to protect your feet. You may not need to worry about being exposed to the elements all day, but it’s always good to know that your feet are protected. No matter what your particular purpose for taking a surf trip, having the proper footwear is crucial. Take the time to get as comfortable as possible before and after you leave home.

Purchse basic gear kit for your next adventure
Perfect Surf Trip: Essential Tips about Surfing

Rocky Beach

In addition to sandals, another surf trip basics, you should have been life vests. If you’re ever caught on a rocky beach without protection from the weather, you will probably get burned or drowned, so having one will give you peace of mind. While many people think of a life vest as a way to help the wearer to stay afloat when the waves start to roll in, there are other uses for them besides just trying to stay afloat. Some surf trips will require you to anchor down while others will leave you free to do as you please.

Maximize Your Safety

Of course, with all of the other important surf trip essentials, your surfboard choice will play a large role in your preparation. Your first consideration will be the kind of wave you’re looking for and your current board’s size. To maximize your safety, look for the most forgiving waves in your area, and take the time to learn about the best ways to ride them before you leave home.

Wetsuit: Perfect Surf Trip

The next important board part of your surf trip basics will be wetsuit. This will protect you from the saltwater air on your trip and keep your body warm during the night. Don’t skimp on the wetsuit either; there is nothing worse than waking up soaked and miserable from the rain. You don’t want to make the mistake of skimping on the protection either, because you won’t want to wake up to a wet, uncomfortable body on your next surf trip.

Check The Surfboard

Now that you have your wetsuit, you’ll want to check the surfboard carefully to see how it looks, feels. Are the bindings balanced well enough? Is the deck tight enough? Does it feel good to stand on?

Board Repair Kits: Perfect Surf Trip

Once you have checked the surfboard out, you may want to invest in some board repair kits to help you fix any problems that may arise while out on your surf trip. If you have a bad board, you can buy a new one and even surfboard rentals. The more skilled you are on surfing, the less likely you will have problems with your boards. However, if your current board is in fair condition, the repairs should be relatively easy to do on your own.

Should have proper footwear for surfing
Perfect Surf Trip: Essential Tips about Surfing

Bottom Line

Finally, when you are out on your surfing trip, make sure that you have the appropriate clothing. When going out in the surf. There are many different types of clothing, but the basics are the same for the most part. A good pair of wetsuits, an appropriate board, and an extra set of clothes will make you feel comfortable while surfing.

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