Tips On How To Fit Your Shortboard With Fins

There are a few things to consider when it comes to surfboard fitting, but the most important aspect is to find a good quality shortboard. Read the following information carefully to learn more about each and every important factor.

Essential Feature Of Shortboard

The most essential feature of the shortboard is the deck. You should be able to feel that there is no flex in the deck as soon as you touch it. You also need to check that the deck is firm enough to prevent your board from bending under the weight of your body. A good surfing tip is to take a piece of wax paper and cut a hole in it about a centimeter or two across.

Tips On How To Fit Your Shortboard With Fins
Tips On How To Fit Your Shortboard With Fins

You can use the wax paper as a measuring device for looking at the other two main areas of the shortboard. Check for bends, nicks and other imperfections.

Another surfing tip is to make sure that the outside of the board’s material is flexible. If the material feels squishy it can’t flex easily and will not be good at absorbing the force of the waves.

Surfboard Fins

The surfboard fins are an essential feature. They are the part of the surfboard that fits onto the outside of the fins.

The main difference between the front and back fins is the angle that they have. The back fins are more curved and they point towards the belly of the board. For good handling and maneuverability, the back fins are preferred.

The best way to choose the right fins for your board is to buy them all at once. As with any piece of equipment, buying a whole set can save you a lot of money on the surfboard fittings.

Once you have chosen the fins, you have to fit the surfboard into the frame. If you can’t get your board in the frame beforehand, make sure you have the frame flat on the ground first.

Find out what kind of board you have and make sure that you measure the surfboard’s shape. Take your measurements along with the fins and get them from the surf shop.

Board Surface

Measure the lengths of the fins from one board’s surface to another. It is important to make sure that they are no more than six inches apart. Then use the cut-off line to mark the fins.

When the board is ready, turn it over and fit the fins into the cutouts that you had made. Be careful not to slip when you do this, as that could be dangerous. Press down gently, but firmly.

Tips On How To Fit Your Shortboard With Fins
Tips On How To Fit Your Shortboard With Fins

Put the two ends of the board together and press down firmly. If the fins feel flimsy when they are pressed down, you may need to tighten them a little more.

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