Top Destinations To Surf In USA - Top Destinations To Surf In USA -

Top Destinations To Surf In USA

Top Destinations To Surf In USA

Whether you are new to surfing or have been jumping on the board since a young age, the right surf spot is always essential. Earth is 75% water, but one cannot have the best surfing experience in any water body.  Surfers spend a lot of their time and money on testing the best destinations for surfing. The USA is home to many adventurous sports, including surfing. The USA offers some of the most perfect and spectacular destinations to surf in. It could be a remote location, away from the civilization or right in the middle of the most civilized bays. Below is mentioned the list of a few top destinations to surf in the USA.

Top Destinations To Surf In USA
Top Destinations To Surf In USA

Destinations To Surf In USA

Surf In USA: California (Mavericks)

The surfing location of northern California is Mavericks. Tourists and surfers have been coming to this place for decades as the waves can crest up to 25 feet. This competition is “invites only” and is very popular among surfers. Winter is the best time to surf in Maverics, USA. 

Surf In USA: Florida (Melbourne Beach)

It is a very crowded surf destination in the USA. It is because it is the home to a large part of the USA surf industry. There are many surfing schools around Melbourne beach. The famous Kelly Slater also rose to fame from this destination only.


It is often told that the sport of surfing originated in Hawaii. It was called the games of the kings. It offers the best waves against the most beautiful background of mountains and cliffs. There are many beaches and bays thronged by people every year in Hawaii for surfing.

California (Malibu)

This is the most crowded and the most consistent destination for surfers. The waves are welcoming to old as well as newbies. The water is constant, and people can practice the craft of surfing without danger in this destination. It is famous for decades.

Texas (South Padre Island)

Top Destinations To Surf In USA
Top Destinations To Surf In USA

This destination has the most significant, most consistent, and powerful waves. It is a perfect destination for that complete surfing experience. This island is the most preferred destination for texas surfers.

Surf In USA: New York (Montauk)

It wasn’t long ago that this destination became famous for surfing. The place offers the best-shaped waves with appropriate breaks to the surfers. Many famous surfers have originated from this place. It provides the best tides during the summer season.

Newport (Rhode Island)

It is a popular surf destination in the USA. Newport offers fantastic beaches, and Rhode Island is one of the most popular and busiest surf destinations in the USA. It provides the right crest and significant breaks.


Surfing may look like the most adventurous and exciting sports of all time as one gets to ride the misbehaved waves. However, there are many perils attached to it. Surfing in the right region is more important than having the perfect gear or the perfect surfboard. A bad experience or an accident at the bay can make a surfer lose his life or make him abstain from the sport for the rest of his life.

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