Wetsuit Gloves: Facts That You Need To Know

Wetsuit Gloves

Wetsuit Gloves is one of those things that are hard to live without. If you wear your wetsuits often then, you might consider keeping them in your washing machine to keep them free of dirt and grime. However, if you don’t regularly use your wetsuits, you mustn’t put them into your washing machine, since this can damage your wetsuits. However, if you cannot put your gloves into your washing machine, you should not worry because you can always use an attachment to your washer to clean them.

Clean Your Wetsuits

The main thing that you want to do to clean your wetsuits is to ensure that they are completely dry. This is especially true when worn in cold water and is also true if you’re trying to clean them off with a hand-washer attachment. To ensure that your wetsuits are completely dry, you should use an absorbent towel or two to soak them in or any other suitable wetting agent. You should also dry them thoroughly using a high-speed dryer, to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Wash Your Suit In Washing Machine
Wetsuit Gloves: Facts That You Need To Know

Clean Your Gloves: Wetsuit Gloves

It is good to make sure that you clean your gloves after every use to ensure that they are as clean as they can be. This is usually done using a washing machine, which is ideal if you can wash your gloves in your washing machine or have a commercial washing facility nearby. If you don’t have access to your own clothes washer, you should make use of good quality industrial laundry detergent, which will work well on your hands.

Scrub The Gloves: Wetsuit Gloves

One of the best things that you can do to clean your wetsuits is to put them inside a hand-washer, and then use a soft brush or towel to scrub the gloves down. You will notice that the soap in your hand-washer will remove all the dirt and grime that you have in your hand washer, but you will also find that it will remove any rough fabric residue that you might have in your gloves as well. If you are going to use a hand-washer attachment, make sure that you follow the instructions given to the letter, and try not to scrub too hard.

Add Few Detergent Drops

Once you have cleaned your gloves inside the hand-washer attachment, you can then add a few detergent drops and dry them off. When you have finished drying them, you will probably find that your gloves look much cleaner and more comfortable than before you started cleaning them. Although the detergent will help remove any loose dirt and grime on your gloves, it will also take away some of the shine, so make sure that you don’t get overboard with it.

Good Coat Of Powder: Wetsuit Gloves

Once you have dried your gloves, you will need to make sure that you are going to apply some conditioner to them and give them a good coat of powder. This will ensure that your gloves are completely clean, although you don’t need to do this very often. You must make sure that you never use any powder on your hands as this can lead to staining your gloves, and although they will make your gloves look nicer, the powder can be harmful to you if you are not careful. Make sure that you apply your powder on your hands and rub them thoroughly around the wrists, hands, and arms, but do not rub them around the wrists.

You Can Do High-Speed Dryer
Wetsuit Gloves: Facts That You Need To Know

Put Some Powder On Your Boots

After you have applied the powder to your wetsuits, you should also make sure that you put some of the powder on your boots. This will help to protect them from any stains that are caused by your shoes. You mustn’t wash your boots too often because these powders will become damaged over time. You should make sure that you wash your boots every few weeks, but you should keep in mind that some of these powders can cause damage to other types of clothing, such as clothing made out of leather or suede.

Protective Treatment

You should also make sure that you give your gloves some protective treatment once they have dried off a little bit, but make sure that you do not use any stain removal product as these will damage your wetsuits if you are not careful. If you are using your hands to clean your gloves, make sure that you wear them when they are dry and do not apply the powder or stain removal products until they have dried fully because this could leave a spot or two that will remain on your gloves.

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