Where Is The Best Kitesurfing Destinations?

Although there are dozens of excellent Kitesurfing destinations around the world, these are the best places to go to, according to recent surveys. While the weather conditions and people in each area vary slightly, the best locations for Kitesurfing depend upon your preferences and budget.

Hawaii is one of the best places to go to for Kitesurfing, mainly because of its large variety of sunny days and excellent waves. This is also the place where you can get away from the crowds at other beaches, as it has a lot less of them. If you want to go to places that are far away from the rest of the world, this is a great idea.

Where Is The Best Kitesurfing Destination?
Where Is The Best Kitesurfing Destination?

Kite Surfing In The Ocean

If you like the ocean, then the South Island of New Zealand offers some fantastic offshore Kitesurfing opportunities. The waves are very large and great, as well as being some of the clearest on the planet. And if you are planning a trip that will last longer than a day, you might want to consider going to Taupo.

The French Polynesia islands are a great location for Kitesurfing. They have crystal clear blue waters that are ideal for this sport. The most common wave shapes there are the barrel, side to side, and the upside down, which are all suitable for Kitesurfing.

The Canary Islands: Kitesurfing Destinations

The Canary Islands is known for its beautiful beaches and great surfing, but it is the islands where Kitesurfing is best. There are many more options for waves here, but they are relatively small and some of the most exciting ones are usually those that form over boulders. It can be a bit dangerous as well, but the rewards make up for that risk.

The Caribbean islands of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are known for their waves. Kitesurfing in Jamaica is easy to do, but you should be careful when you enter the shallows of the coast. In the Dominican Republic, the waves are a bit harder to deal with, but it’s an enjoyable sport for all ages. If you are older, this is a great way to catch up on some much needed sea time.

The San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands of the Western North Pacific is a great location for Kitesurfing because it has excellent visibility from both sides of the island. There are plenty of boulders that make great waves, and the waves are generally very large. You might want to check out the shores of Laysan Calpuco during the months of April through July, as they are some of the best Kitesurfing waves.

The Russian Far East is a great location for Kitesurfing, as the waves here are generally more moderate. It is also a great place to explore different marine species, as there are over 200 different species of marine life in the area. It is a great location for anyone who wants to spend time on a large rock with no one else there.

Where Is The Best Kitesurfing Destination?
Where Is The Best Kitesurfing Destination?

The Pacific Islands of Hawaii and Samoa are the places to go for great surfing in the North-east Pacific Ocean. You can easily find the best surfing spots around the islands by using Google Earth. You can also find many great Kitesurfing waves on the beaches of Hana and Kohala.

The Northern Pacific Ocean: Kitesurfing Destinations

The Northern Pacific Ocean is a great location for Kitesurfing, especially in Tahiti. Here you will find a huge variety of marine species, but you can get the best surfing by going to the reefs that are between the island of Tahiti and the Marshall Islands. The best waves are around Cape Tribulation, where they are the biggest and deepest.

The Eastern Pacific Ocean is another place to go for good Kitesurfing, but you should be aware that the waves are often very big and a bit shallow. If you choose to take your surfing to the shore, it is best to go somewhere else as you might get your board damaged there. If you choose to head into the open water, be sure to try the Big Beau which is the best reef break in the South Pacific.

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