Wonderful Facts About The Hawaii Surfing Lesson

Hawaii Surfing Lesson

The origin of surfing is in Hawaii. Therefore, it is deeply intertwined with the history and culture of Hawaii. Moreover, there is no better place than Hawaii to learn how to surf and commune with the ocean if you truly dream about it. So, while you plan for a vacation in Hawaii, keep some things in mind. You must learn about the origin of surfing and take some Hawaii surfing lessons.

History of Hawaii Surfing Lesson

Once upon a time, surfing was known as the sport of Hawaiian royalty; that’s why surfing is often called a “sport of king.” Moreover, in the late 1800s, the ” Merrie Monarch” signaled the return of Hawaiian cultural pride. After that, in the early 1900s, surfing was revitalized in Waikiki beach. During this era, a Waikiki beach boy named Duke Kahanamoku taught Hawaii surfing lessons- how to surf and canoe in the sea. Also, nowadays, he is known as the “father of modern surfing.”

When And Where To Surf In Hawaii

There are only two times suitable for surfing in Hawaii- summer from May to October and winter from November to April. So, if you are a well-trained, advanced surfer, then winter season is the best time to surf in Hawaii as in this period, waves are bigger and more powerful than the other seasons. Therefore, if you are a newcomer, with a little experience in surfing, Honolulu’s Waikiki beach is the perfect one for you even during ultra crowded days. Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island are famous four most appealing islands where surfers gather in the crowd. Also, you can find Hawaii surfing lessons here.

Details About Hawaii Surfing Lesson

Almost every island offers surfing lessons in Hawaii. Moreover, you can find many surfing schools on every beach in Hawaii. Thus, you can choose anyone among all. Therefore, a Hawaii surfing lesson runs from one to two hours. Moreover, the experienced surfers teach the sport in gentle breaks. Most surf instructors prefer to begin the lesson instructions with a safety briefing on land. Also, they help their students even into waves on ‘longboards’ or ‘soft-boards.’ For beginners, the trainer instructs to use the funboard. As they come up with the volume and stability of the longboard as well as the manageable size of a smaller surfboard. Also, for surfing, you can choose-

● Sunset Suzy’s surf camps in Oahu

● Surf lessons in Hawaii

● Surf lessons on Maui

● Surf lessons in the North Shore and so many.

Equipment Used In Surfing

The most important piece of equipment for surfing is a surfboard. You can surf on various equipment like surfboard, longboard, stand up paddleboard, bodyboards, and so on. Fiberglass is the most important material used in the making of the surfboard. Also, leash board, surf wax, fins, and sportswear are important equipment for surfing.


Like other water sports, surfing also has some risky side effects. In the Hawaii surfing lesson, instructors discuss all these side effects with their students. Some of these are;-

● Drowning- Lack of knowledge can even be the cause of drowning. However, in some extreme conditions, even some world-class surfers also face drowning.

● Collisions- collisions with sand bars, rocks, small ice, reefs, surfboards, and other surfers can cause some injuries. Some instances can cause cuts and scrapes, and in rare instances, death.

● Marine life- sea animals like sharks, stingrays, weever fish, seals, and jellyfish can sometimes be dangerous for surfers.

Rip currents, seabed, microorganisms can also be the cause of danger for surfers. Therefore, world-class surfers can face serious ear damage, eye damage, and spinal cord injuries. So, don’t be careless while you go surfing.

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