World’s Best Waves: Surf Some Of Them For Ten days

Surf Some Of The World's Best Waves For Ten days

If you were to ask surfers which place they would go on a surf trip, Mentawais would be on the list. The island is home to some of the best waves in the world. The tropical island has much to offer to surfers and emulates a surfers paradise. It has an extensive collection of more than 25 breaks. World’s Best Waves

Even in terms of surfing coaching on the island of Mentawais, the highest professional standards are maintaining. There are four guides for eight surfers maximum.

A Typical Day At Mentawais With The Best Waves

World's Best Waves: Surf Some Of Them For Ten days
Surf Some Of The World’s Best Waves For Ten days

The resort Mentawais is resting on top of a hill. It gives the guest a great view of the island, with its rich rainforests. The green of the forests and the blue of the waves, transport you to paradise. Before you start surfing on your own, a team of about surf guides takes you around on the sweetest waves in the world. Itis a luxurious experience wherein, after surfing, you enjoy quality time to relax and lounge with your buddies. To help surfers improve, they are shown their videos and images while surfing, so they can visualize it.

The Best Waves In The World

On earth, the Mentawai islands hold the reputation of being the richest in waves. In just forty-five minutes of one to the next, it offers excellent locations with the best waves. Even aspects like the direction of the wind or swell will dampen your spirits. You will undoubtedly enjoy surfing on one of the best waves in the world. The wave selection includes reef breaks, secluded and hidden bays, point breaks, and lefts and rights. There is a wave other there for everyone.

World’s Best Waves: Spots For intermediate-to-Advanced Surfers





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 All of these spots can be reached within twenty-five minutes by a boat ride. As it is a mid-level and high skill to surf in these areas, the surfers have to meet a set of conditions.

World’s Best Waves: For An Intermediate Level

Surf Some Of The World's Best Waves For Ten days
Surf Some Of The World’s Best Waves For Ten days

Surfers at the intermediate level do not look for twelve-feet grinders that break over significantly shallow reefs. It is where we help you find the spot with the best waves for your ability. The Nyang-Nyang location is as it home to a lot of more comfortable and safer waves. It has clean, shoulder-high waves that will work to the surfers flawlessly.

These are the spots the surfers where they can enjoy the best waves:

Beng Beng



4 Bobs


Burger World

Another exciting aspect of the Mentawais is that there are smaller secret islands. Why should this excite you? There are a whole lot of waves to experience these best waves.

Typically, no surfing retreats take you to these secret spots at the Mentawais, which were these organizers stand out. The four surf guides have the onus, ensuring that the surfers who come from all over the world, enjoy the best waves out at the island. The team is tactically ready to take unknown paths as long as they find the best options. They aren’t afraid of trying new routes to get to the best waves.

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